I can’t wait any longer!

The 7th October seems so far away, we’ve waited so long and now it’s nearly here!  We’re talking about the Michael Buble ‘Crazy Love’ tour for which Mr Bangles and me have tickets and cannot wait!

Mr Bangles (aka Tino/Martin/Martino/Martini/Puddin/Pickle – depends on the mood) and I got married on May 8th this year and of course, our first dance was to Buble’s Hold On .  There isn’t a song that I don’t like, an album of his I don’t play over and over and over again, I love his unique voice, his personal touch to every song and to listen to him when he is singing live, well, there’s nothing better.

So from today, I am officially counting down…. 8 sleeps!!

And for those of you who are interested…presenting Mr and Mrs Bangles!

Mr and Mrs Bangles